Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I grew up hearing from many people I met that my father saved or changed their life. Dr. Gary Kempler, the president and director of the emergency department at Northeast Georgia Medical center left no life untouched.
I spent my entire childhood around medical professionals, in the hospital watching my father work, and helping my parents host parties for the hard-working doctors, nurses, paramedics, and many others who helped improve healthcare in our community. My dad built a team of dedicated healthcare providers in the ER, and worked to instill the importance of empathy and patient centered care, positive relationships with all coworkers, and the power of a team with a common vision. When not caring for patients, much of his time was spent mentoring and training, and encouraging professionals to share their expertise and build an interdisciplinary team working in close collaboration with open communication. I knew I would grow to become a professional with a strong work ethic, leadership skills, and the ability to help anyone who came to me while staying level headed during any emergency, just like my dad.
I take what I learned from my father into my professional life. I am currently working as a midwife assistant, doula, and childbirth educator. I sometimes work hard the entire night with a birthing mother, and spend countless hours with each client and student to keep them informed, comfortable, and optimistic about their health. I stay well organized, and am known to be a valuable resource, as many former students and acquaintances call me for advice. I use my observations from my childhood, my previous education with a Bachelors degree with a minor in sociology, and my experience with clients to promote open communication between parents and health care providers to help them have the safest birth outcome possible and learn to help themselves. I plan to continue working to enhance maternal health care after graduating as a Clinical Nurse Leader in 2019.

Michelle from Maryland
College Sophomore
University of Maryland School of Nursing