Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

To me, a scholarship means more than just "money for school." This scholarship would help to endow me with an opportunity to achieve my career goals and to provide the community and state of Alabama with one more compassionate, Registered Nurse. Nursing shortage is a very real issue not only in Alabama but for the entire nation. I intend to become Anna Shaw, RN to provide the most adequate care and compassion to patients during a time when they need it the most. Not only do I intend to give 110% towards my education to positively impact my future patients, but to be the very best colleague and teammate to my current and prospective co-workers.
As a full time, working mother of an infant, money and time are of much importance in my household. I chose to enroll in the JSCC Evening Nursing program so that I am able to keep my full time work hours and income/benefits. I am beyond thankful that this program is available at Jefferson State so that working individuals, such as myself, can better ourselves all while respecting our commitments to our family and careers. The implementation of this program is just one of the many ways Jefferson State has assisted in helping me to obtain my future career goals.
Numerous times I have encountered positive feelings due to someone or something associated with Jefferson State Community College. From the ease of access to the college's website to the welcoming demeanor of the College of Nursing staff, I have only grown more respect and excitement to be a nursing student at Jeff State.
I admire the opportunities that Jefferson State Community College has to offer to every individual in the Greater Birmingham and surrounding areas. With the offer of evening/weekend programs and a plethora of class times, Jefferson State Community College paves the way for a diverse student population to be able to achieve the accomplishment of a higher education. “Education is something that can never be taken away from you" is something I whole heartedly believe. I wish a solid education could be provided to every human being alive. I am aware that this is an impossible wish, but oh do I dream of the positive world we could live in if this were true for everyone. I applaud the Jefferson State Community College faculty and staff for providing the educational opportunities that can help make this dream a reality. I may be only one girl with big dreams, but with the assistance of a scholarship I trust that this girl will positively impact this world!
I intend to continue my future career endeavors until I achieve a Master's in Nursing or possibly Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. I began my journey in the medical field five years ago by becoming a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant and an ASCP Certified Phlebotomy Technician. I obtained these certifications while enrolled full time at the University of Alabama and Shelton State Community College.
I admit that I was a wide eyed freshman on the Tuscaloosa campus who honestly did not have a clue as to what I wanted to be "when I grow up." I have been that student that tried to navigate the college enrollment and curriculum processes with no help and really no idea of who could help. Unfortunately this negatively impacted me, but I am happy to say I have found refuge at Jefferson State Community College. Every meeting with advisors, encounters with front desk staff, and engagement with instructors have been nothing short of welcoming and encouraging. This is one of the many aspects of Jeff State that sets the college apart from so many others in the state of Alabama. I can personally attest to this and am forever thankful to myself for stepping through the open doors of Jeff State to continue my nursing career. With the encouraging atmosphere Jefferson State Community College has to offer I know I will succeed in achieving my future career goals in the nursing field.
Nursing is a broad term with more importance than just taking vital signs and starting an IV. In my opinion, nurses are the foundation of health care. Nurses are the providers' "right hand man." Nurses are the primary advocate for patients. Nurses are the ones who are there to aid at the beginning of life and at the very end. The majority of everyone who has been to a physician's office or hospital has had an encounter with an exceptional nurse. I encourage you to take a moment to remember a nurse that has made a positive impact on you or your family. He or she probably helped to provide you with a sense of peace and understanding during a not so pleasant time. (Let's be honest- sometimes physicians use big words and it can be nice to have someone break that down.) Whether your experience was a vaginal exam, a dreaded injection, sutures, or end of life for a family member, that nurse provided skilled care while exemplifying compassion in order to make the medical experience bearable. This is why you remember your nurse. The Jefferson State Community College Nursing Program assists in preparing future RN's to populate regional hospitals and medical facilities with these same exceptional nurses.
With my five years of experience in the medical field I am fortunate to have obtained many basic nursing skills in order to provide adequate care for the patients I interact with every day. I am eager to only learn more and increase my knowledge of the human body. As a nursing student of Jefferson State I stand assured that I will receive a degree from a highly respected program. My prospective ADN degree will allow me to implement that knowledge at almost any medical institution of my choice.
I appreciate the rigor of the program I am about to endure, but I know the impact I can make by furthering my education. The Jefferson State Community College Nursing program is highly reputable and I am honored to call myself a student of the institution. I am grateful for all of the ways Jefferson State has assisted me to get me to where I am today. I am most thankful for the accessibility available along with the encouraging and welcoming atmosphere of Jeff State. I am ambitious for a better tomorrow and plan to work diligently to become the best nurse I can be. When my highly anticipated graduation day occurs, I will be cognizant of all the assistance from Jefferson State Community College faculty and staff that helped me to achieve my goals.
Thank you for your attention to this essay and for considering me as an applicant for your available scholarships.

Anna from Alabama
College Sophomore
Jefferson State Community College