Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I was seventeen when I first saw a person die. I had been shadowing a nurse practitioner who was attending to a patient who had encountered complications following cardiac surgery. I observed how the nurses were able to still attend to people in pain and ease some of their suffering in a difficult emotional environment. From that moment, I saw a way that I could help others not only practically in caring for their physical bodies, but also emotionally and mentally in providing support and sympathy. As I entered college and explored different career paths, the patient oriented aspect as well as the versatility of nursing strongly appealed to me more and more.
My college experience equipped me with strong academic and professional skills like discipline, endurance, organization, reading, writing, and computation. Yet beyond academic skills, I gained a more macroscopic view of what it means to be a human. Through a diverse range of classes, l I found one common theme: everything and everyone is connected. Humans do not exist as one dimensional isolated beings; rather, we are all multifaceted with layers of identity ranging from gender to cultural background to social class etc. I hope to use this holistic approach when caring for patients as I believe such a perspective will provide the best treatment.
For example, knowing the scientific anatomy of melanin and skin, though important, is not enough. Understanding the social nuances behind race, and how they may limit certain people’s access to proper medicine or healthcare is crucial. I hope to approach my work with this open minded perspective, as I believe it will ultimately make me the best nurse I can be, a nurse that cares for her patients with compassion and understanding.

Faith from Kentucky
College Freshman
Bellarmine University