Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

It's so refreshing to see just how much you think of others and genuinely care about other people". From early childhood the people surrounding me knew I had a passion for giving and being kind to others. It made me happy to know I could make other people happy. Even without knowing that nursing was the profession for me, I knew I just couldn't be satisfied if someday I wasn't in a career that would positively impact others.
As I got older and started to think a little more seriously about what I wanted to study in college, I considered a career in the medical field. I often contemplated between being a Veterinarian, Doctor, Physical Therapist, and much more. I noticed I had a particular interest in the human body when I took my first high school anatomy and physiology class. Even then nursing wasn't on my radar, but I knew it was rare for a class to excite me the way this particular one did.
That same year in high school, my aunt went into cardiac arrest while working out at the gym. We later learned that when she collapsed at the gym, there was a nurse who was running on a treadmill just a couple of machines away from her. She sprung into action and immediately performed CPR. Her decline to hesitate was one of the critical reasons why my aunt survived. To this day we credit her and all the nurses that cared for her during her stay at the hospital for saving her life and I credit this experience as the one that finally inspired me to want to be a nurse.
Sometimes it takes a trip to the hospital to truly appreciate nurses and all the work they do. Nurses constantly check in on patients and have the opportunity to build genuine relationships with them. My giving heart, empathy, and passion for positive relationships with others further confirmed that nursing was the profession for me. Nursing allows you to give back to your community and positively impact the lives of those you work with daily and I look forward to making these positive contributions someday.

Brittany from California
College Junior
San Jose State University