Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I have always wanted to become a nurse, as long as I can remember. I like helping and taking care of people. My aunt is a nurse and actually pretty good at sewing and when I was little she made me a set of scrubs and gave me a badge and stethoscope and some bandages and I played nurse all the time. As I got older I started to understand more what an important job it is and how being a nurse could help so many people. There is always a need for nurses and healthcare workers. When I started dating someone in the marines I also realized becoming a nurse is an important job that would allow me to move and seek employment wherever I may end up in life. Four years later, I am in nursing school, while my boyfriend just left for deployment. We are young and trying to start a future together and fulfill our dreams. I have been working hard to make my dreams come true and to finish quickly. During high school I took English 103 online at Kishwaukee College for dual credit to open up a spot for AP Bio in my schedule to earn college credit. I enrolled in the KEC program there, earned my CNA, took Health Occupations II and earned National Technical Honors Society for each program. I was part of the National Honors Society in high school also. I graduated high school with 24 college credits and took 9 credit hours the summer after graduation, 15 credit hours in the fall, 17 in the spring and 10 the following summer to finish all pre-requisites needed to enter the nursing program in one year and enrolled at Saint Anthony College of Nursing the next fall to earn my BSN in the accelerated program and just completed my first semester. My parents are trying to help me and I am hopeful I will be able to earn scholarships to help pay and finish the nursing program and complete my dream of becoming a nurse. It has been very exciting doing clinicals at the hospital and getting to see surgeries and take care of patients. I am so excited for my future and to help patients.

Bailey from Illinois
College Junior
Saint Anthony College of Nursing