Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland with my first-generation immigrant parents. While I seamlessly adapted to the American culture, my parents continue to struggle with the balance of keeping their traditions while chasing the American dream. At a young age, I assisted them with their daily tasks such as writing checks, reading instruction manuals, and translating at doctor’s appointments. It was not long that I became familiar with our local hospital from our frequent visits. This propelled me to take an interest in our healthcare system. However, the more I researched and experienced the system, the more gaps I found; especially gaps for immigrants.
I am dual enrolled in Montgomery College and the University of Maryland, School of Nursing. Currently, I try to equip myself with the experiences and skills to allow me to obtain my goals of becoming a community health nurse. At home, I refine my language skills in both Mandarin and Cantonese. In the community, I volunteer with the Montgomery College nursing club to apply the knowledge I learned in the classroom setting and use the community as a new type of classroom. I’m able to interact and experience the diversity of cultures, health beliefs, and approaches to wellness that vary amongst community members. In the clinical setting, I try to identify if the patient has any factors that affect their quality of life. I recognize that these factors could be often overlooked and provide an essential opportunity for education and outreach. As an aspiring community health nurse, I hope to empower community members with the knowledge and resources to manage their own health and prevent the avoidable hospital visits. I especially want to target minority communities and hope to act as a bridge for community members to cross the cultural and language gaps in our healthcare system.

Yee from Maryland
College Sophomore
University of Maryland School of Nursing