Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

When I was 11 years old, my sister Priya broke her hand. I was completely overwhelmed; in my young mind, it seemed like a life-threatening injury. When we reached the hospital, a nurse approached us. Her reassuring tone managed to make Priya smile despite the tears in her eyes. Soon after, the nurse approached me, as if she knew I needed to be comforted. We played a board game and made small talk. The nurse had managed to not only comfort her patient, but also reassure the patient’s family.

The nurse’s empathy had a lasting impact on my perspective of nurses. Nurses can conform to any role that a situation requires. They become therapists to assuage worries. They become companions on sleepless nights. They are at the forefront of patient care, adapting to the needs of the patient and their family. They are multifaceted individuals who possess skills for effectively communicating, comforting, and handling distress. Furthermore, having first-hand experienced the nurse interacting with me and my sister, I will be able to implement the same strategies to comfort my patients and their family. Nursing is a demanding career, but making a lasting impact on patients’ lives is priceless. I want to learn how to encompass these qualities that make nurses so unique and personable, which is why I chose to pursue a nursing degree in addition to the previous Bachelor of Science in Public Health Science that I received from the University of Maryland, College Park.

While majoring in Public Health Science, I became passionate about working towards improving the quality of life for all individuals. I want to help make medical care more accessible in communities through public health interventions, as well as improving quality of care at the direct patient care level. I realized I wanted to promote health at the patient level through educating, empowering, and helping build resilience for patients and individuals in the community. My nursing degree will allow me to accomplish this

Shriya from Maryland
College Junior
University of Maryland, School of Nursing