Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

As a current nursing student in my first semester I can honestly say that I have made the right choice when I decided to pursue this professional career. Even though I just started this journey I feel that I am already part of this new world that has so much to offer both professionally and spiritually. My opinion about nursing has changed a little during the last month, but in a good way. My reasons of choosing this path are just some of the benefits that nursing has to offer.
I believe nurses are the backbone of the health care system; they have the knowledge and they have the passion. The knowledge to be able to provide the right skills and the passion to gain trust and show empathy towards patients. In my opinion, clients are not only those who are ill or require medications; a client will be every person that needs someone they can trust and who will offer a feedback and resolution. As nurses we promote health by educating our clients on how to be healthy or stay healthy. My definition of health goes beyond having an illness or not; someone may not have certain disease and still consider herself/himself not healthy. For me it means being content with myself, knowing that I will be able to enjoy life for a long time without complications; not just physically but mentally as well. As a nurse the environment I would expect to be working at may vary tremendously. All the way from hospitals to home care facilities to travelling around the world helping those who need care. So many places and not enough nurses to fulfill the demand.
I am lucky enough to receive the training from such prestigious and admired institution and I know I am receiving the best education available that will make me an outstanding nurse.

Hilda from Maryland
College Junior