Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Pursuing a nursing degree became my goal in life from a relatively young age. When I was four years old I had to undergo surgery to remove a cyst from my neck. It was a traumatic experience because when I was taken back for surgery, the doctors grabbed me from my parents and took me back to the operating room kicking and screaming. When I awoke, there were wires and tubes everywhere. From then on, I was terrified of doctors. Every time I had to go to the doctor's office, I was so scared, but then the nurse would come in and somehow my fears melted away. The nurse was the one who made me feel safe and comfortable. After those experiences with nurses, I knew that I wanted to give that same comfort to other people when I grew up. I knew I wanted to help other people and give back what I had received when I was younger. Throughout my school years, science became my favorite subject. As I started to learn and understand more about the human body, I became fascinated. The human body is a fragile yet complex work of nature that requires so much attention and care. I was in awe of how amazing the whole system of the human body worked together. Now, I am in my first year of nursing school. I have learned so much more than I could have ever imagined. The more I learn about my major, the more I fall in love with it. Helping people while also staying sharp in my skills has become my passion. The best part is I am now so close to doing what I've dreamed of my whole life.

Kristen from Texas
College Junior
University of Texas at Austin