Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I spent days on end in the hospital as my mother battled the awful monster that is breast cancer. At too young of an age, I was exposed to the hospital environment and observed nurses of all types and levels of education treat my mother. Some nurses treated my mother with extreme empathy and they not only treated her medically, but emotionally and sometimes even spiritually. I was nine years old at the time and it was amazing to me to see such care for my mother from a person who didn’t even know her. I was in awe at their intelligence as they handled all kinds of medications with funny names and operated machines that looked like robots that made odd sounds. They were smart, warm, well rounded people I noticed and I admired that. From that point on I knew that nursing was what I wanted to be when I “grew up” but I also knew that it would be a challenge. Learning how to care for other human beings requires a multifaceted person because there are so many different aspects and skills that go into being a nurse. As I progress further in nursing school, I’ve learned that technical skills are a painfully small part of being a nurse. It takes a lot of emotional capacity, tolerance, and interpersonal skills. For that reason, being a nurse is the greatest challenge that someone can agree to take in my personal opinion, and I’ve always been the kind of person to seek out the greatest challenge usually because they facilitate the greatest personal growth. The closer I get to attaining my RN license, the more confident I feel in the decision that that little nine year old girl made 12 years ago.

Lauren from Texas
College Junior
University of Texas at Austin