Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Many individuals aspire to pursue to the nursing path for one goal; to help people. While this is a goal of many health science fanatics, as well as myself included, another goal for pursuing nursing is to help my community reach its potential in terms of healthcare provided. I aspire to elevate my community through my work as a nurse. Hospitals fail to function without a nurse. I believe that many hospitals can strive to provide better care if nurses ensure proper care to their patients at all times. The importance of nurses as healthcare providers is another reason I believe that if I work hard enough as a healthcare provider in the hospital, the community will not only prosper from the hospital’s care but also in their health. As more nurses enter the work field, the importance of adequate care will reflect on the community as a whole. Nurses hold immense value inside and outside the hospital and even if it means that I help one extra person, I hope to fill that need. These reasons as a whole are what motivate me to pursue my degree in Nursing. Many hospitals lack quality and quantity when it comes to nurses. Nursing tends to be a job that is overlooked but requires a lot of strength. I believe that I contain perseverance due to my family. Both of my parents emigrated from Ethiopia to build a life in America for my sisters and I. Coming to America without any aid and experience forced them to gather strength and also remind my siblings the blessings that we have. Growing up, I didn’t have a life where money was handed to me but rather I learned the value of education and hard work. My perseverance and determination from my childhood experience is what I believe I should be a nurse.Through this determination I sustain, I strive to work hard at UT and ensure that I soak every information given to me by my professors to be the best nurse I can be and elevate my community the best way that I can.

Nabat from Texas
College Sophomore
University of Texas at Austin