Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

All fifth graders were required to write down his or her dream in the yearbook. Careers such as 'professional hockey player' or 'astronaut' were popular responses. However, the career labeled under 'Sherry He' was a totally bizarre response: ‘Frozen Yogurt Store Owner’. I was unsure about what I wanted to become, but I was adamant about professions I didn't want to pursue: anything related to health care. I was pestered by peers around me as they were consumed by the appeal to be the best in academics. It was evident to me that I wasn't going to conform to the “nerdy” stereotypical role of an Asian American. Therefore, I endlessly attempted to force my identity to be found in anything else. However, during junior year of high school, I was introduced to LEAP Global Missions, which provides medical missions inspired by the love of Chris to bring hope for families by helping children with facial abnormalities in impoverished countries. The product of the effort from this team and the transformations they performed created rejuvenation and dignity for thousands. My heart expressed compassion as a slideshow of healthy, laughing children they healed danced across the screen. I experienced the passion and joy from helping others as I heard the miracles that were performed during these medical mission trips and was able to envision myself serving others through hope and love. That was a feeling that I wanted to experience and surround myself. These children, who had limited access to resources and opportunities, expressed such genuine joy that it was contagious. I looked at the sincere smile of a healed child and a desire to make a difference and serve others cultivated within my heart. I became more aware of my interest in the medical field to diligently serve people who needs someone to be there for them. Now, whenever asked what I want to be, ironically, I would not be able to imagine myself in another setting than working alongside other nurses and doctors.

Sherry from Texas
College Sophomore
University of Texas at Austin