Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Since I was a seven-year-old girl, I have always known I wanted to be a part of the medical field. I thought it was cute seeing my mother come home from work in her scrubs. I knew that I wanted to help the ill and hopefully change a patient’s unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy way of life. When my mother came home with her nursing bag that consisted of a stethoscope and an electronic sphygmomanometer, I would always play around with them. It was not until I began volunteering at our local hospital, Baylor Scott & White Hospital, that I decided that I wanted to become a nurse.
The catalyst of my urge to be a nurse was being accepted into clinical rotations in my junior year. In the class, we would go to Baylor Hospital in Garland and follow a variety of medical staff, such as nurses on different floors, physical therapists, phlebotomists, and pharmacists. I was intrigued by following each different medical professional; however, I had the most interest observing nurses because I felt that they did more. Compared to the other professionals, nurses insert IV lines, gave blood, insert foley catheters and nasogastric tubes, and most importantly, assess the patient before anyone else. I was lucky enough to witness an insertion of a foley catheter in an elderly woman, and I could not look away. Yes, it pained me to see the elderly woman in pain, but I also felt good knowing that the insertion might help find out what was going on with the patient. Also in the emergency room, an infant and her mother came into the hospital with a fever and a congested cough. Within two minutes, the nurse practitioner came to assess the infant. In less than twenty minutes, the mother and the infant were diagnosed with influenza. Aside from shadowing professionals in the hospital, we also learned basic nursing skills and became CPR certified. I realized that nursing is the field that I want to be a part of and I am eager to learn more skills.

Kristine from Texas
College Freshman
The University of Texas at Austin