Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I work in EMS. Many told me that this would be a challenging career filled with long hours studying. Perhaps so, but I love learning about healthcare. I look forward to training, pushing myself to read more, learn more, and train more. The hard part for me is not the science behind EMS, it’s the short patient care time. I believe that this is best explained with an example – January 2017, I responded to a bad car accident. Before our arrival, a bystander had extricated a young girl that was apneic and pulseless. We arrived a couple minutes after to a patient undergoing CPR on the side of a major highway. We initiated ALS resuscitation, intubating this patient, pushing medications, and continuing CPR. Five minutes later, she was back! We opted to transport this patient via helicopter to the Houston Medical Center; she needed a trauma center urgently. We transferred care to the flight crew and as fast as she came back, she was gone. I was left not knowing what would happen to her. I wanted to be there for her recovery. I wanted to care for her until she could be discharged from the hospital. I found myself craving longevity of care, where I could get to know my patient, their family, and create a care plan to get them back home, not just from a scene to the hospital. I wanted to be there for them, not for just five minutes, but until they could leave the hospital and be independent. For this reason, I joined a nursing program. I enrolled so that I could, one day, be in a position where I may care for a patient's whole self, not just the emergent physiological needs. A nursing career will be a very new challenge for me, but is one that I am excited for and will welcome with open arms.

Sean from Texas
College Junior
The University of Texas at Austin