Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

The summer before my senior year of high school, I participated in the North Cypress Medical Center Junior Volunteer program. Throughout my day, I was surrounded by nurses and patients. Besides my mundane tasks of restocking supplies and wiping chairs clean, the nurses allowed me to run labs and watch them administer treatment. It was incredible to first hand watch the nurses draw blood, insert IV's, and access portacaths, but the highlight of my experience was the cultivation of new patient relationships. After volunteering for just a week, I was acquainted with the regulars that came in for treatment. Mr. Temple preferred two pillows and a reclined chair, Mrs. Love adored talking about different hairstyles and was fascinated with my ability to braid my own hair, and Mrs. Castillo never denied a warm blanket; while she spoke little English, I conversed with her in Spanish with minimal difficulty. Tying in my eagerness to chat with the patients and seeing the nurses interact with them, I recognized that what I had imagined for my career was happening before my very eyes.
By the end of the three-week program, I realized that I desired to be a nurse to treat people and bond with them throughout their journey. Not only do I feel like I have a purpose when caring for others, but my potential lies in developing others’ confidence in health. This experience, along with other volunteer experiences I have had while in college, have allowed me to touch so many lives as a volunteer that it is unimaginable the difference I can make once I am a professional in the medical field. Looking at a future in nursing, I see myself working in pediatrics because of my past experiences with children. Mount Nebo, a ministry that serves children in under-resourced communities through mentorship, has especially opened my eyes to the lack of health education and access which has birthed a newfound curiosity about public health and how I could impact such communities as a nurse.

Mariana from Texas
College Junior
The University of Texas at Austin