Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Everyone has their own reasons for becoming a nurse. Nursing is actually a second career for me. Prior to nursing, I was in the banking industry for six years as a Branch Manager and an AVP to a well-known international corporation. One thing I loved about banking was helping people manage their finances and reach their financial goals. Being in the banking industry made me realize how much I truly loved helping people but I longed to help them on a deeper level. Hence, that is when I left the banking industry and turned to nursing. I am a compassionate, motivated individual who takes pride in providing safe and efficient nursing care. I take a holistic approach on providing good health and well-being to my patients on many levels (i.e. physical, emotional, psych-social, et cetera). I love my patients and there is nothing else I can imagine pursuing as my life's work. The majority of my nursing experience has been in the ER. In the ER we assessed patients, discerned needs and prioritized care based on acuity. I coordinated with other professional disciplines to maximize patient treatment and outcomes. In other words, it was a very reactive approach, I reacted to whatever acute situation came my way. In the ER, I learned enough about the patient to save their lives. Once a patient was stable, we moved on to the next acute patient. In the ER we called it "turn and burn". I currently work for a non-profit clinic and here I have the opportunity to establish relationships with my patients on a deeper and more complex level. Not only do we touch basis about their medical history and chronic conditions, but I gain insight into the struggles they face as people. This could be from financial hardships they may be facing, facing deep bouts of depression where they're considering hurting themselves and/or others, or a recent passing of a loved one. I get to see and be with these patients every step of the way, and not just at an ER visit.

Mercedes from North Carolina
College Sophomore
East Carolina University