Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Deciding on a major in undergraduate school was not an easy choice for me. After high school, my mind was flooded with all the potentials life could bring me. I spent years preparing myself to get to a point where deciding a college major would be easy, but it wasn’t so easy. The summer before college began, I forced myself into a self-reflective period. I reflected on the person I was, on the things I loved and was passionate about, and the things that gave me self-satisfaction. During that period, two things stood out: passion and satisfaction. I began to realize exactly what those words meant to me, and why they were so important. I had passion for humanity, and a love for the diversity that surrounded me in my hometown. Racial divide, acts of hate, and negative feelings and behaviors toward non-deserving people made me upset. I was passionate about changing these things. I was passionate about showing the mistreated that I cared about them, although they were strangers to me. I enjoyed the site of elderly couples who still loved each other, or the sound a child laughing at a simple joke. Those things gave me great joy. Suddenly, yet overtly obvious, it came to me. I wanted to become a Nurse.
During my summer of decision making, it all seemed so clear, nursing was the profession that would allow me to be the exact person I’ve always dreamt of being. Not only do I believe nurses provide passionate care, I believe that nurses are only compassionate because our hearts and souls are open to receive people just the way they are. Nurse don’t judge the drug abuser because of their choice of lifestyle, we treat them and attempt to make them better. Nurses don’t turn our noses to the ones who have different moral or religious beliefs than we do, we hold a hand over their wounds. Nurses meet people where they are. We believe that everyone deserves to express their feelings, whether negative or positive, and still have the chance of feeling love and compassion from a stranger. Nurses care about the hearts and souls of people; we care about preserving humanity one feeling at a time.

Candace from North Carolina
College Junior
East Carolina University