Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Aloha. I’m Wilfred M. Pascual, Jr. and I’m applying for the Mometrix Nursing Scholarship. I’m currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in nursing at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. One of my recent accomplishments is to graduate (with honor) with my Associate’s Degree in Nursing at Kapi’olani Community College on December of 2017. Also, I passed my NCLEX-PN in August 2017 and just recently passed my NCLEX-RN in February 2018.

Throughout the years. I have always enjoyed working in a health care setting because I’m given this great opportunity to work with fantastic staff and helping make a change in people's lives. My dad passed away from a heart attack when I was six-years-old, and my grandfather died of lung cancer when I was only eleven. These two events triggered me to look for a career in a health care setting. My inspiration to pursue a nursing degree is my mom. Even though she doesn't have a nursing degree, she had taken my dad and grandpa with such great compassion. She works as a nursing assistant at one of the nursing homes in Hawaii, and she brings the compassion of care to work every time.

I’m still currently working as a nursing assistant at a hospital since 2015. Also, I’ve been working as a staff nurse at an Assisted Living Facility since December 2017 and as a home health pediatric nurse for Hawaii Nursing Solution since April 2018. As a staff nurse at Kahala Nui, I’m in charge of multiple floors directing the staff to meet the resident’s need and collaborating with different staff personnel to provide the best possible care for the residents. I’ve also volunteered in diverse community settings such as Adult Day Care Center at Leahi Hospital, Community Center for Older Adults in South Korea, HUGS (a support group for families with a child who has a life-threatening illness), and Papakolea Community Center ( supporting native Hawaiians).

Like my mom, I also hope to make a big difference in people's lives in a health care setting.

Wilfred, Jr. from Hawaii
College Junior
University Of Hawaii at Mano'a