Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

In my current role as an in-patient nurse located in an inner city, I see patients present to the hospital lacking knowledge and resources related to their chronic disease processes. These patients’ come from diverse cultural backgrounds with varying levels of health literacy. I believe with the correct patient education and implementation of services, many could prevent inpatient hospitalization and lead healthier lives. Improving patient’s health literacy through prevention and education is what inspired me to pursue my current nursing degree.
As a future Family Nurse Practitioner, I plan to increase patients' health literacy by implementing a questioning attitude, continuing research and implementing my education. Ultimately, my goal as a Family Nurse Practitioner is to expand the future of healthcare using science, humanities, and technology while including the knowledge I obtained as a Registered Nurse. I would like to continue on to my Doctrine and teach nursing at local Community Colleges. This scholarship would assist in my dream of helping patient’s, their family and future nursing students.

Lauren from Virginia
College Junior
VCU School of Nursing