Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

One of the many things that inspired me to pursue a nursing degree was my mom, she was a surgical technologist. Growing up I would always see my mom come home from work in her scrubs and I would ask a lot of questions like what surgeries she had gotten to see that day and how they went. Eventually, she had pulled a few strings and I got to sit in on a surgery when I was in the ninth grade. The other main thing that inspired me to pursue a degree in nursing was my little brother. My little brother was very sick when he was born and that affected me and my family immensely. He had a hole in his heart and because of that, he stayed in the NICU for the first couple of months of his life. This is what actually exposed me to the nursing environment and is why I am working so hard to become a labor and delivery nurse or a NICU nurse. I understand that life as a nurse can be challenging, but that's exactly the reason I'm going into the field. Nursing is my passion and as long as I'm in school to become a nurse I will work as hard as I can to save as many lives as I can when I actually do get my degree. These are only a few things that inspired me to pursue a nursing degree.

Theresa from Ohio
College Sophomore
lakeland community college