Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

There are many factors that have inspired me to pursue my future career as a nurse. Growing up, my mom was a huge inspiration in my life and she definitely fueled the beginnings of my passion for nursing. I always wanted to become a nurse for the simple, childlike fact that my mom was a nurse and I wanted to be just like her. However, as I have gotten older, that desire has been driven and changed by many other factors. Most importantly, I believe that nursing is a great tool that can be used to make an impact in the lives of others, which is what I have always striven to accomplish. I have seen over and over how important the role of a nurse is from many hospital visits as well as taking on the role of being my grandpa's "at home nurse" while he was sick. Being my grandpa's caregiver was actually the first time I discovered my love for nursing and care. I learned very quickly that nurses have such an important role and can never be replaced. Along with that, there has always been such a great need for nursing in the state I live in (South Dakota), which I have seen all throughout my life. I want to help that need diminish because there are so many people that need the type of care a nurse gives. Furthermore, I would consider my best character quality to be compassion, which I believe is very important in a nurse. I enjoy caring for people by showing them love during their time of need. Thus, I believe nursing is the perfect career path for me, and I am greatly enthused to be able to pursue it in my near future.

Shariah from South Dakota
High School Senior
Sunshine Bible Academy