Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a nurse.

They say that hindsight is 20/20. As I look back over my youth, my education, and my eventual career in nursing, I can clearly see that my path began at an early age. My upbringing and the example of my mom are key factors in the woman that I have become today.

I was young when my mother decided to go to college to become a nurse. I vividly recall waiting on the campus with my grandma for my mom to finish class and being a live patient for her to do assessments on. I watched her persevere and obtain her BSN while raising three small children. She worked full time at a rural hospital. She loved to care for her patients and her family. My mom truly is my inspiration.

With all this being said about my mom, I never planned on following in her footsteps. I was impressed with her passion for her career, but it wasn’t what I wanted for myself. As a senior in high school she encouraged me to take a CNA class. Initially I said that I would rather not work in the medical field. Eventually she convinced me that it would be a good job to help me through college. I finally agreed to try it and signed up for the CNA class.

It wasn’t until I obtained my certificate and started working that I realized that I had found my passion. Though I was slow to admit it, it was undeniable that I was meant to follow my mom’s path after all. To this day, after sixteen years of working as a CNA, LPN and RN, I have never second guessed my decision. Now that I have a young family of my own, I am excited to follow in my mom’s footsteps and show my kids the value of education and love of my career and achieve my BSN.

As I reflect on all the twists and turns my life has taken up to this point, one thing is clear: nursing is who I am. The example that my mother set for me, as well as her gentle encouragements, helped me find my way into an immensely satisfying career as a nurse. In hindsight, it has been clear for a long time that nursing is the right place for me.

Kami from Utah
College Junior
Weber State Universtiy