Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

My dream is to be a psychiatric nurse practitioner. I believe that mental illnesses are dangerously neglected and stigmatized in America, and as a result, they’re getting worse. I would love to be an aid in the fight for better mental health in my community and the country at large.

Personal experience has motivated me to pursue this path. During my freshman year, I struggled with extreme shyness. I wasn’t always shy, however. I became shy. I told myself that I was unattractive since my friend got more attention from guys, and unlikable since I was never invited to parties. I told myself that my high grades would be the only reason why people would respect me. Once I reached my sophomore year, I took all honors classes and no longer had higher grades than everyone else’s. The one aspect I liked about myself was gone, and the apprehension to speak to other people increased gradually every day. Before I knew it, I couldn’t hold a simple conversation. One day, I realized I needed to address this issue or I simply would not reach my goals, like becoming first chair violin or launching a meaningful community service project. Fortunately, after a year of repeating positive thoughts in my head, shifting my body language, and taking social risks, I came out of my shyness. I was finally able to accomplish the goals that I set for myself.

My shyness was thankfully an issue that I could address by myself. However, there are individuals with severe mental illnesses who cannot change without professional help. I want to be the person who can enable them to move forward. Whether it is aiding someone out of the depths of depression, helping someone break the chains of social anxiety, or bringing a bipolar person to a regulated state, I hope to improve the lives of not only my patients, but also those who love them. I would be honored for Mometrix Test Preparation to support me in my journey to achieving this dream.

Eniola from New Jersey
High School Senior
Hillsborough High School