Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

It was the beginning of the summer before going into 8th grade. Most kids would be out riding their bikes or on vacation with their families but I had an appointment to have heart surgery at Texas Children’s Hospital. My 2nd major surgery but the 1st one that I could remember. I was a nervous wreck that day. I remember crying my heart out going into the pre-op area. The pre-op nurse, Mindy, settled my nerves by holding my hand and asking questions to try to get to know me. I told her I was scared of the surgery and had millions of thoughts going through my head at once. Mindy supported me in ways medicine could not. She connected with me by sharing a story of when she had her tonsils taken out as an adult. She reassured me that I was brave and courageous like a lion (my astrological sign is a Leo). Mindy made the type of impression that solidified nursing as my career choice. At the age of sixteen, I started volunteering at TCH where I was assigned to the playrooms, and again I received confirmation that nursing was the career path I wanted to pursue. I saw kids from different walks of life connected to tubes, drains, and fluid bags. Once the kids stepped into the playroom, it seemed as if their worries and pain went away. We provided an environment where patients could relax, do crafts, and participate in normal developmental play. Seeing the resiliency of these children renewed my spirit but also fueled my passion for nursing. My definition of a nurse is someone who is loving, selfless, and advocates for their patient. Being a vehicle of God’s work and using your skills to help heal the body and the spirit. Being able to support and assist in ways that medication and family cannot. You see people at their most vulnerable and you become a voice for the voiceless. I started my journey of becoming a nurse right out of high school. I moved in with my grandparents to continue going to school at Alvin Community College. This was a major change in my life. I went from caring only for myself to taking care of two elderly people. It took some time for me to adjust to being a student, a caregiver, and working part time. In 2012, I decided to transfer to Houston Community College. I learned to balance my time and I figured out which study techniques worked best for me. This has transferred into my work life as well. Our unit can be very hectic during flu season. I work well under stress, however, when the unit slows down, I can lose focus and procrastinate. I’ve cut down on procrastination by forming a list of goals that need to be done by the end of my shift. I improved my time management skills and in the process became a better student and unit secretary. My life has gone full circle and I am now working at Texas children’s Hospital as a Unit Clerk. In my role I interact with children of all ages and families on a daily basis. Children can be very resilient. Even though some of their experiences in the hospital are unpleasant, giving them a little bit of comfort can make a huge difference for the patient and the parents. After all is done, they look at you and smile and that feeling is truly amazing. Recently I had the pleasure of spending time with a 22 year old osteosarcoma patient. He was always optimistic and told me not to sweat the small stuff. To live your life as if tomorrow is not promised to you. It was a teaching moment of how we can get caught up in our own minutiae and forget that others are going through serious trials and tribulations. I want more than just a job, I want a career, a passion and a purpose. I want to end every day feeling that I made a positive impact on a life.

Alexandria from Texas
College Sophomore
University of Texas - Medical Branch