Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Since I was little I've always been fascinated by the work of a nurse. I've always known I've wanted to pursue a nursing career of some sort. My parents have always pushed me to do my best and reach for every goal I want to make a reality. I knew that there would be hard parts to nursing but that's sure to come with every job. I've always thought it would be cool to help others less fortunate than I. December of last year I had major spinal surgery. Seeing how much effort, love, and care each of those nurses put in every day assured me that this was the correct job choice. I've seen the impact first hand that each nurse has on each patient and I want to show the same thing that each of those nurses have shown to me. As I've researched and become more interested in all the different fields in nursing, I have found the NICU. The Neonatal ICU is for sick premature babies. I feel like I could connect and this would be the best place for me. Since my Freshman year in high school, I've started taking nursing classes to get a feel for how they would actually be. By taking each of these classes I've realized it feels normal for me and I catch on to things relatively quick. I've recently got my CNA so I can start working in a medical facility and hope that this helps me to gain more knowledge before I even start college. Through all of this, I have learned that nursing is right for me and its what I want to do. Since completing these classes it's given me a baseline to not give up because while they have been difficult they've been very rewarding. Another very cool thing I've found about nursing is there's always a way to improve yourself. For me, I feel as though after I complete my RN/BSN I will continue on and complete my nurse practitioner hopefully specializing in Neonatal Intensive Care. These are the specific reasons that have inspired me to push myself and pursue a nursing degree.

Emily from Kentucky
High School Senior
Bullitt East High School