Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Nurses are an essential player in healthcare. In a society where the field is strongly
female-dominated, with strides toward more men becoming a part of the field, it is critical that
men who are passionate about being compassionate, step up. During the entirety of my career,
I’m optimistic that I too will be able to influence patients, families and community members I
come across. When I was younger my grandfather went into cardiac arrest while my grandmother and
I was preparing for dinner. At the time I was seven years old and couldn't grasp what was
happening, as all I could comprehend was that my grandfather was in danger. The healthcare
providers, starting with the EMTs who first arrived, influenced my decision to go into healthcare
greatly. They understood that I was in a position where I couldn't comprehend what was
happening and were empathetic and kind. They used language that, at my age of development,
was easily understood. I arrived at the local University hospital with my grandmother and shortly
after we were greeted by nurses who took the time to educate us on what happened to him. It
was shortly after that experience that I expressed my interest in health care to my family. I
remember my mother asking me questions related to why I wanted to enter a field, especially
with such specificity of a carrier field. I remember telling her that “The lady who helped papa did
something that I couldn't”.

Amonte from New York
College Junior
York College