Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I ache to become a nurse capable of delivering and developing holistic, culturally competent care in order to serve my community to the best of my ability. My venture into healthcare started in high school with a job shadowing experience at Memorial Hospital in Santa Rosa, California. In the operating room of an experienced trauma surgeon, I learned I was unfazed by the gore of healthcare and was completely intrigued by the seamless roles and collaboration of the healthcare team. Similarly, my volunteer work at San Francisco Glide Clinic presented healthcare as a field replete with opportunities for social advocacy. During my recent clinical rotation in obstetric nursing, I shadowed a bilingual certified nurse midwife at a clinic that provides affordable healthcare to low-income members of the community. Overall, these experiences have inspired an unwavering commitment to nursing and an indelible faith in its positive impact.
As a woman of color, I value diversity, inclusivity, and tolerance. I am humbled by the chorus of vivacious disagreement in a room because to me that indicates passion and the presence of differing perspectives and experiences. As a nursing student of color I feel that I am in a position to advocate for groups that are often overlooked by continuing to push the boundaries of my educational preparation within this field. Beyond being an opportunity for personal fulfillment, the graduate school path has become instilled with a sense of responsibility for the healthcare outcomes of underrepresented groups. Developing a healthcare system for a diverse population demands an equally diverse group of healthcare professionals because diversity in healthcare professions brews innovation and facilitates the development of quality healthcare delivery systems. I hope that my pursuit of a graduate degree will provide the scaffolding to shape me into a healthcare professional that becomes an assertive voice for underrepresented groups.

Maritza from California
College Junior
Sonoma State University