Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

In the summer of my junior year of high school, I was really struggling with my future plans. I was on the phone with my mom discussing the pros and cons of my two majors I was deciding over. My two choices were education or nursing. I really had a passion for education because I was so involved in my high school, especially with my guidance counselor. And I was also involved in the medical program at my high school where I took the certified nursing assistant class. Having taken the medical class just gave me an insight into what my future will hold. In this medical class, it was a requirement for me to do clinical in a nursing home and in the hospital. Doing these clinicals it show me many things. But what was most important and is that this gave a spark in my head saying that I want to be involved in helping people giving back to my community and just showing people the passion and that the love they need when they are being taken care of. So doing the clinical my senior year does heavily impact my decision of wanting to pursue a nursing degree. Because I know I have a passionate heart and I’m always wanting to lend a hand to the community and to the ones in need.
Also, my parents are very heavily involved in my decision to pursue a nursing degree. They both are part of the medical field and with this pandemic of COVID- 19 occuring right now, they are risking their lives and any other medical professional working. They are daily inspirations of a selfless human being giving back to the community and to the world. They are the real heros during this pandemic risking their lives of a daily basis.

Arielle from Florida
College Freshman
Florida SouthWestern State College