Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I will never forget the rush of fear that would fill my body whenever I was woken up by the crying and coughing of my sister during her asthma attacks. The vivid memories of waking up late to hear my parents rush out the door with her while I stayed behind with my grandma replay in my head when I reflect on those situations. During the overnight stays at the hospital my sister endured, my grandma would take me to visit her so she could have someone to play with while in the hospital. Being there with her, I felt compelled to help but was frustrated by not having the means to. I then realized how the nurses formed a bridge between the patient and the doctor. They answered each question my parents had and made it their priority to keep my sister as comfortable as possible. What stuck out to me the most during those visits were instances where my parents found doctors with hispanic backgrounds and the feeling of comfort they experienced by speaking in their native language and sharing a deeper connection with those taking care of my sister. Being able to reignite that connection that my family experienced with future patients fuels my passion for joining the nursing community. I aspire to share special moments with my patients, whether it be through my heritage or simply small connections. Furthermore, by having that tie with my patients I provide a deeper level of comfort and care through my work. I look forward to building these strong relationships with those in need in the same way my parents did the day they met the doctors who turned into life long friends.

Nicole from Georgia
High School Senior
Pope High School