Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

No one ever told me when I younger that I would have an infatuation with the medical field, especially nursing. I’ve been on a long, winding path that led me to become intrigued with the different occupations in the medical field. It all began when I was born.
Waaah. Waaaah. At 2:02 a.m., a young baby girl was crying to her mother. It was a very exhausting and nerve-wracking process, but I was finally born. My parents were so happy and relieved for my birth considering I came out 3 months too early. And so, due to my premature birth, I was hospitalized for seven weeks until I was allowed to go home. That was my first time dealing with the doctors and nurses with whom I would later become interested.
A few years pass, and I’m in first grade. It was around this time that I was told of my premature birth, considering how my mother would constantly talk about how I was her “little miracle baby.” When I was told about this and how the doctors and nurses helped take care of me, I instantly became interested in the medical field. Not only would being a doctor or a nurse be so awesome, but being able to help people when they need it sounded like something I wanted to do. And so, I decided then and there that I would work in the medical field when I got older.
Then, came a question that seemed to suddenly slap my face: If I were to work in the medical field, what would I be? At first I wanted to work in the NICU as a neonatal doctor, since I was there when I was born. But after thinking about it a few more years, I realized that it didn’t seem to click with me as much as it used to. So, after a lot of researching, I decided that I would become a nurse and more particularly a Nurse Practitioner. And now I'm about to enter college in order to major in nursing. So, I have to thank for my premature birth for peaking my interest in the medical field and for inspiring me to pursue a nursing degree.

Victoria from Indiana
High School Senior
South Putnam High School