Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Since I was fifteen I knew I wanted to be able to take care of young children, I always had a passion of taking care of my young family members because I knew I had a love for taking care of children. At that time I did not know exactly what I wanted to do but I knew I would eventually have a dream job that dealt with taking care of the health of children. My goal of becoming a nurse came from my love of children and from watching my mother attend nursing school. I've always had a goal to care for children and I have always wanted to do that through becoming a traveling pediatric nurse. The thought of travelling the world to help others brings me so much joy. After going to work with my mom and watching her study for her tests I knew I wanted to pursue a nursing degree. After talking with my counselors and teachers they all told me this was something I would be able to achieve because of my mindset to achieve hard obstacles. After hearing that I knew that I had to gain my nursing degree because I would not only be letting myself down but those around me who believe in me would also be let down. The travelling aspect of my dream came from my goal of wanting to travel the world. I knew I could do my dream job and my dream goal at the same time. I hope to achieve both of my dreams by first travelling to low health care countries to help others that offer care to the young children in these countries because life starts with the children. I feel like the life of a child should always be the first priority because they have yet to live their lives yet. This is why I chose to pick nursing as my degree choice. Gaining this degree will not only help me but always help me help those who need help the most. The world needs healthcare workers not only in the U.S but the struggling countries around us. I hope to be able to get to my dream and achieve my goals. Actually being able to pursue my dream will be my biggest achievement of my life and I hope to be able to achieve it.

Shannon from Texas
High School Senior
Dunbar High School