Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I knew from early childhood that I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to help others better their lives. Even though I was unsure of the career path I would choose, I knew I wanted to make a positive impact on humanity.
As I matured, my heart was drawn to the health sciences. In school my favorite classes were always science and math classes. I was always in accelerated math and science classes. As a sophomore in high school I was allowed to take chemistry, which at my high school students are not usually allowed to take until junior or senior year. With this fire that was started in my heart, I examined the various opportunities in healthcare such as dentistry, physical therapy, pharmaceuticals, etc. While each of these opportunities offered the potential of fulfilling my passion, I could not help but feel something was missing. As I continued to search for my true calling, my journey brought me back home. There I found my true calling.
I have various family members who are in the field of nursing. My mother, aunt, and cousin are nurses, and each of them chose a different path of nursing. Listening to their stories and experiences seemed to light a fire in my soul. I began to ask questions about their journey and that is when I realized my passion would be fulfilled by choosing nursing as my career. Growing up around these nurses and researching nursing as a career path, I learned that nursing is incredibly diverse and unlike any other health profession. Additionally, my love for math and science was another reason that drew me to the nursing field. I love learning about anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, and algebra.
To summarize, I want to be a nurse because there are so many interesting aspects of nursing one can explore. My passion for helping others, and my love for math and science would be my tools to achieve my dream; the dream of helping others, and making a difference in my life and the lives of those I would touch through nursing.

Ana from Illinois
High School Senior
Herscher High School