Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

My journey and interest in the medical field and becoming a nurse began in high school. I was admitted into the Hightower High School Medical Science Academy, a program designed for students with the desire to pursue careers as healthcare professionals. As a freshman, I was invited to be a scholar in the Summer Honors program at Indiana State University. I spent one week in the university’s nursing seminars and hospital simulation center. In reflection, I realize how blessed I was to gain this experience, which introduced me to anatomy, mental health, pharmacology, and medical terminology – all subjects that were intriguing to me.
While I excelled in high school and set my sites on earning the nursing degree at UT Arlington, I learned that the nursing curriculum would require me to work harder in my core science prerequisites to be competitive. I was dismayed, but determined. After consulting with my college advisors and faculty, I switched my major to Exercise Science in the College of Nursing and Health Professions, which strengthened my study habits and helped boost my GPA.
My academic challenges definitely helped mold me into the resilient and rigorous person that I am today. Without question, these challenges are what have been motivating me to be an exemplary student in my nursing program. Also, my passion for community service and nursing go hand in hand as it is an area of medicine that directly impacts the lives of so many different patients with diverse conditions. I have been serving in my community for many years - from grade school through college - as well as going out on my own to serve as a volunteer. When people are hospitalized, they are in their most vulnerable state; and as a nurse, it is important to understand my patients' needs and be an advocate.
The pandemic that we are experiencing now, globally, is motivation for me to make a positive impact on the world and help identify solutions for adversities our world may face in the future

Hannah from Texas
College Sophomore
University of Houston College of Nursing