Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Recollections of his glassy-eyed look, burning with fever, and watching him stumble to the car while crying with my sister as my mother drove him to the emergency room continue to plague my mind. Unable to fully comprehend the dire situation we faced, I tried to help by writing Santa Claus for “my dad to get better” for Christmas. For days, my father’s symptoms of sepsis masqueraded as influenza. Doctors repeatedly sent him back to us, each time worse than before, claiming his illness was “viral”, and “had to run its course.'' Until one nurse became his advocate, my father had been on a path to death.
Experiencing a nurse fight for my father’s health, as one relative would for another, sparked my interest in studying nursing. To be a nurse is to be an advocate. Despite suggestions of an at-home recovery, the nurse encouraged my mom to refuse to allow doctors to send him home; my father’s life is credited to her. Becoming a Registered Nurse will enable me to utilize my potential regarding strengthening, comforting, and aiding patients.
Maturing in a close-knit town rooted compassion at the core of my personality; I am able to sympathize with and understand others like family. Lifeguarding at the Shelbyville Meridian Park Family Aquatic Center allows me to comfort and protect others through distress and panic. Working closely with patrons gives me an opportunity to develop relationships along with reassure my devotion to care and public safety. I was shaped by Shelby County and aspire to return the love and care of others I received throughout my childhood back to my community. I look forward to job shadowing at Shelbyville’s Major Hospital as well as participating in the Blue River Career Center CNA Program where my classmates and I will travel to Especially Kidz Health & Rehabilitation and local nursing homes to gain experience caring for patients.
My experience in Shelbyville High School’s Mentoring Program exposed hidden suffering which heightened my desire to help others. Becoming a mentor for an individual less fortunate than myself allows me to practice advocacy for everyone. I have learned how to listen, console, and redirect destructive lifestyles, as well as shed light on dark matters in difficult aspects of life. Helping my mentee progress throughout the school year encouraged me to become a confidant to others outside the program, providing my life with purpose and consolidating nursing as my major.
Without nursing, my father would exist merely in my memory. Exposure to a life-saving occupation allowed my high-school career to be goal-oriented. I have diligently worked to prepare myself for not only post-secondary education, but also a career beyond the classroom. Through my father’s hospitalization, it has become evident how nurses are able to make, or break, each patient’s experience, I wish to be the former and ease suffering, aid in the fight for their lives, and advocate for the utmost care. I aspire to care for others and protect families, like my own.

Hannah from Indiana
High School Senior
Shelbyville High School