Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Hello. My name is Akeela Jackson and I am currently pursing in education in nursing. The biggest factor that motivates me in wanting to become a nurse is the opportunity I will have to serve my community , because my goal is to work at a county hospital. I have been working in the medical field for almost 15 years now. I know plenty of nurses who refuse to work at county hospitals, because of the low pay, outdated systems, and the community of patients the county serves. I want to be the nurse who is focused on caring for the people in the community who are the most overlooked; the poor and the homeless. As a medical assistant, enjoy treating everyone like they are important when they come in for treatment. Everyone deserves to feel cared for when they are not well.
When I was a child I always wanted to be a pediatrician. I had a change of heart when I reached my teens and I had to go to the hospital to visit my ailing grandparents. I noticed how the nurse was the one who spent the most time with my grandparents. The relationships my grandparents developed with their nurses were beautiful and heartwarming. It made me feel good to know that someone cared and had compassion for my family. The nurse remained professional and understanding even when my grandmother would be stubborn. I gained a lot of respect for nurses and the role they carried during those visits. Whenever a physician was able to visit they depended on the nurse to be with them to answer questions. It was awesome seeing the trust and respect nurses received from the doctors. I had a change of heart and decided I wanted to switch my career and become a registered nurse instead of a pediatrician, because I wanted to be the one at the beside with patients and their families to let them know they were not alone and had someone to care for them in some of the toughest times of their lives.

Akeela from California
College Sophomore
San Joaquin Delta College