Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

My whole life I have been surrounded by nurses. My mom, grandma, two of my aunts, and two of my cousins have all been nurses that have surrounded me growing up. Because of these strong women in my life, I learned from an early age that nurses are some of the most hard-working, motivated, caring, and underappreciated people in this world.
Although I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field, nursing was always something I had just pushed to the side without consideration. It was not until my junior year of high school that I started looking into it. That junior year, our town opened a new high school. This new school would offer a lot of new classes, in particular, classes in career exploration. I took advantage of as many classes as I could. That year, I took psychology and pharmacy. Taking those classes helped me realize that I wanted to pursue a career that took in many different aspects of the medical field. I realized that although nursing is a profession of its own, I believe that it draws on many disciplines in the medical field. I started looking into nursing and loved that there are many different branches inside the career to explore such as maternity, pediatrics, and adult health. In nursing, you also have the opportunity to further your education. I love that I will be making a difference in the patient’s life. Although nurses do not always receive the highest recognition, the impact that I would have in someone’s life would be all I need to feel like I have succeeded. I’ve heard nursing stories my whole life, and know that it will be a difficult journey, but I believe that I am able to overcome the challenge.

Ashlyn from Tennessee
High School Senior
Collierville High School