Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I plan on attending the University of Oklahoma to pursue a nursing degree. Growing up, my younger brother had bad asthma that would put him in the hospital often. I was still young, but I understood how bad his condition was. It scared me every time we would have to go to the hospital, and I would just wait with my younger sister with fear of him not getting any better. However, I was able to get through those times with the help of nurses comforting me and reassuring me that he would be alright. I would watch the nurses scramble from one place to another as they do their rounds, and check on my brother. I was in awe in what they were capable of. That was the start of my interest in nursing.
Fast forward a few years later I was given the chance to go with my aunt during her rounds in the Philippines, for she was a nurse herself. Certain parts of my country is poor, so I was inspired by my aunt who was helping those in need in those poor areas. With her knowledge and experience, she was able to help those who were sick or injured both at her office and at her home.
As I am writing this, the whole world is fighting COVID-19. Those in the medical field are at the front lines fighting to help those infected, and spreading word of the dangers it involves. Nurses, doctors, and other first responders are putting themselves at risk to being exposed. This pandemic has strengthen my determination to pursue nursing. Medical professionals are making a big difference at this time, and I want to follow them.
While shadowing my aunt, I came to the decision of becoming a nurse that wants to help those in need the way my aunt did. I want to use my knowledge and experience both on the job and off the job, so I can be prepared to expect the unexpected. I want to save lives and give hope to those who are fighting for their lives, and let them know they are not fighting alone. From my personal experience, I want to pursue nursing, and I know I'm going to make a difference.

Ericka from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Broken Arrow High School