Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I was once hospitalized for breaking my finger and that was a harsh time for me, it being my first hospital stay and me being in second grade. I was laying in my hospital bed once and there was this young woman who came up next to my bed and offered me water and help getting to the bathroom and more. I was intrigued by how nice this lady was being me, someone I didn’t even know and vice versa! Once she left, I finally asked my mother who she was and she responded that she was a nurse and since then, I’ve aspired to be like her. I am interested in Nursing because I want to be like this woman. I want to be a person who helps out anyone and does not discriminate against their religious affiliation or tone of skin. I want to be like this woman who helps from within. I want to be that person to stand up against or agree with stereotypes about nurses. I would like to be a part of the helping community, also, with being a nurse, I can care for my patients and spend time with them and tend to them in their time of need. I’d like to connect with my patients like real people, instead of like everyone else. I’d like to be a nurse because this will lead me in the path of right, rather than wrong. I’d like to be a nurse simply because I want to care.

D’Ciara from Kentucky
High School Senior
Central High School