Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

What we are experiencing since this pandemic was deemed a pandemic is one of the many reasons, I want to be a nurse. This unfortunate matter has showed me and the world how essential nurses are during this terrible time. I want to be able to empower my patients, comfort and ease their worries while under my care. A career in nursing provides more than just a great pay but as well as an opportunity to grow within this profession.
When I had my first child, I had complications that led me to have a caesarean. I was all alone in a new city where I did not have any family members during that time. I was having difficulties getting out of my bed, bathing and I was experiencing pains that made me feel like I did not want to move at all. Being a first-time mother with no family members present, I felt lost. The nurse I had during that time was instrumental to my recovery. I was inspired by her ability to care and understand my needs, making me feel comfortable and promptly administering care when needed. I felt empowered and I would feel honored to do the same for another patient or first-time mother who needs an instrumental nurse, like I had.
All in all, I want to be a nurse because many years ago I came across a wonderful nurse who comforted me while I was alone. I can grow within the profession because it is broad. I have the chance to empower a patient and ease their comfort while under my care. I care for people and I genuinely want the best for people for this is the reason why I want to be a nurse.

Rosedad from Florida
College Sophomore
Keiser University