Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I first knew I wanted to go into the medical field when I was in kindergarten. We had to pick a career and create name tags, and get our photo taken. It was the most exciting part of my school year. While most of my classmates picked careers like mailmen and zookeepers, I wanted to be a hematologist. I have no idea how I knew that word at five years old, but I was determined that it would be my career path. I have always been a dedicated student. In high school I took all honors and advanced placement classes, as well as being involved in clubs and playing for my schools water polo team. Although my major may have changed, my determination to go into the medical field has never waivered. When I was home, I was forced to come to terms with my career goal very early. My grandfather passed away in 2014 and my grandmother had to move in with us because she could no longer live on her own. She was diagnosed with dementia many years ago, and over the past 5 years we have noticed a significant decline. When I was not in school, I functioned as a secondary caretaker for my grandmother. This involved preparing meals, administering her medication, assisting her with bathing and even helping her get dressed. I never resented this responsibility, but over the course of my high school career I had to miss out on school events, friend gatherings and work shifts in order to take care of her. Watching her debilitate before my very eyes was heartbreaking, but also very sobering. Being able to take care of a proud woman who once took care of me, made me realize that I am strong enough to take care of patients in their darkest hour of need. Because of the way I cared for her, I realized I could also take care of others. This became the distinction between wanting to become a doctor, and wanting to become a nurse, because although patients may not remember my name, they will remember the way that I cared for them.

Audrey from Pennsylvania
College Sophomore
Messiah College