Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

From a young age, becoming a nurse was the only future that my mind could fathom. When migrating to this country from Venezuela, I experienced some events that helped discover me this future. In college, I grew to acknowledge my story and affirm my passion for nursing healthcare.
Nurses are the foundation of any clinical setting; grounding patients and their families. At age nine, a hospital visit my brother and I explicitly recall was my mother’s laparoscopic surgery; our fearless hero was going to be cut open. My troubled self was comforted by two pre-op nurses, Sarah and Yesenia, who allowed me to help them distribute blankets and food trays. Although horrified, I still felt useful and that I made a difference. Since then, I became aware of my purpose in this world: serve others who are physically unable to care for themselves, like these two nurses.
In college, I provided practical assistance to a homeless shelter in my community and encompassed my empathetic values while doing so. As I spent time with this population, I learned that the brick walls that we encounter in life show us our true motivations to achieve a certain goal. If the brick walls were not there, one would not be pushed hard enough to chase his/her dreams. I resonated with this concept as I have experienced many brick walls throughout my academic and personal life. As an undocumented, first-generation student, I understand the obstacles that one can face when wanting to pursue a seemingly simple goal, such as my desire to become a nurse.
A career in nursing ideally combines the concept of hospitality with the science of the human body. As my passion for community and medicine grew, I knew this path was for me. My narrative has motivated me to pursue following personal achievements: continuing to study and become a nurse practitioner, serve underprivileged mothers and infants in developing countries, and, through it all, practice clinical care with sincere intentions of helping others.

Lisbeth from Florida
College Sophomore
Miami Dade College