Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Poverty, fear, suffrage, death, murder- these things surround our lives, but in other places it is someones life. I will be majoring in Nursing and minoring in Arabic (will build off it to learn Swahili). I plan on doing Missionary/Peace Corps nursing. I had it harsher than most growing up, so I have a personal passion/connection with poverty and suffrage in the poorer and less fortunate. In more extreme areas such as in Africa (Kenya, Libya, Southern), people don't usually travel to help out due to the horrors that are discussed amongst the lands. People hear/see things from TV, 'educational' articles, media, and word of mouth- which cause fear and prevents people from traveling to help those areas in need. Yes, there is harsher living circumstances, high rates of trafficking, child sacrifices, murders, etc. but there are still people suffering and they need help. Nothing will ever improve if no one makes an effort for change and aid those people. I am aware that I will be putting everything at risk with traveling there to help, but whats really is life if there are no risk? We can't sit around and not expect things to change on their own. We need to take action before they worsen. Do you want to know what I have always told myself when I am in the dark? I always tell myself that others have it worse- that someone is suffering worse than me and are still lively thriving. Even without those people knowing it- they helped me- and I want to be able to help them. Even if I help just one person with something that may seem small to you- it may mean the world to them. Just being able to see someone smile, to be properly fed, clean, to be able to know they won't be showering in cold rain on when they rest, to be able to know their child who bares a simple wound- will be able to live another day, etc.- these are little things we take for granted daily. With being able to help eliminate a single worry/fear from someones day- it means everything and opens a whole new world.

Hailey from Illinois
High School Senior
Castle High School