Essay Excerpt Applicant School
My ideal future is to meet the criteria needed to be accepted into California Stat…PatriciaCalifornia State University - Stanislaus
In the university setting and beyond, I was always interested in the intersection of…CamilleVirginia Commonwealth University
In my current role as an in-patient nurse located in an inner city, I see patient…LaurenVCU School of Nursing
I am inspired to pursue a degree in nursing because I have the passion to help peopl…MollySaint Anthony College of Nursing
Aloha. I’m Wilfred M. Pascual, Jr. and I’m applying for the Mometrix Nursing Scholar…Wilfred, Jr.University Of Hawaii at Mano'a
Deciding on a major in undergraduate school was not an easy choice for me. After hig…CandaceEast Carolina University
Everyone has their own reasons for becoming a nurse. Nursing is actually a second c…MercedesEast Carolina University
When I was eight years old, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second t…EmilyThe University of Texas at Austin
The summer before my senior year of high school, I participated in the North Cypress…MarianaThe University of Texas at Austin
At age five, I decided I would grow up to be a “baby-taker-outer.” My determination…Elena University of Texas at Austin
My journey has been molded by my life-long dream of helping people to assuage their …YAGYAUniversity of Texas at Austin
Through curious eyes I watched in amazement as a premature infant was taken from his…BaileyUniversity of Texas at Austin
Being the eldest of four children in my family, I have always had an instinctual pro…PriyaUniversity of Texas at Austin
I am dedicated to studying nursing as I truly believe it will serve as the foundatio…CandiceUniversity of Houston
In the fourth grade I suffered from mono, pneumonia and a broken arm all at once. As…Sarah University of Texas at Austin
When I reflect back on my life, there have been many moments that have compelled me …MichelleUniversity of Texas in Austin
I work in EMS. Many told me that this would be a challenging career filled with long…SeanThe University of Texas at Austin
At the age of six, I finished a bottle of children’s vitamins. My mother, filled wit…kristalUniversity of Texas at Austin
Since I was a seven-year-old girl, I have always known I wanted to be a part o…KristineThe University of Texas at Austin
All fifth graders were required to write down his or her dream in the yearbook. Care…SherryUniversity of Texas at Austin
Many individuals aspire to pursue to the nursing path for one goal; to help people. …NabatUniversity of Texas at Austin
I spent days on end in the hospital as my mother battled the awful monster that is b…LaurenUniversity of Texas at Austin
Pursuing a nursing degree became my goal in life from a relatively young age. When I…KristenUniversity of Texas at Austin
When I was a little girl, I wanted to be just like my parents. Both of my parents ar…SarahEast Carolina University
To Whom it may concern:

My name is Kendal Lee. I am a Maryland Resident and …
Kendaluniversity of Maryland school of nursing
After spending the last decade of my life in varying career fields, I realized that …AnastasiaUniversity of Maryland School of Nursing
My goal overall is to become a registered nurse so that I can directly help people. …Iris University of Houston-Sugarland
My journey as a bedside critical care nurse has instilled a passion in me to educate…MarlenaUniversity of Texas at Austin
As a current nursing student in my first semester I can honestly say that I have mad…HildaUNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, SCHOOL OF NURSING
When I was 11 years old, my sister Priya broke her hand. I was completely overwhelme…ShriyaUniversity of Maryland, School of Nursing
If, as Prospero claims “we are such stuff as dreams are made on,” then my calling is…SuzannaUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore
I grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland with my first-generation immigrant parents.…YeeUniversity of Maryland School of Nursing
I have always wanted to become a nurse, as long as I can remember. I like helping a…Bailey Saint Anthony College of Nursing
My primary interest is in rural healthcare. Last year I volunteered at several free …NoahUniversity of Maryland
Ever since I was little, I was torn between my parents’ dreams and my own. My parent…KathyThe University of Texas at Austin
It's so refreshing to see just how much you think of others and genuinely care a…Brittany San Jose State University
I was seventeen when I first saw a person die. I had been shadowing a nurse practiti…FaithBellarmine University
I decided to stay in the United States despite the fact that my parents said, “Ameri…IKPOMWOSAUNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE
To me, a scholarship means more than just "money for school." This scholarsh…AnnaJefferson State Community College
In making my decision to return to school and pursue a career in nursing, one of my …ChelseaUniversity of Texas
The system I work for has access to quality resources that provide the best care pos…AshleyOhio University Chillicothe
The summer after fourth grade my grandma was diagnosed with stage four lymphoma canc…KarleeUniversity of Tennessee - Knoxville
I grew up hearing from many people I met that my father saved or changed their life.…MichelleUniversity of Maryland School of Nursing
My grandfather was paralyzed when my father was just sixteen. At a young age, the ro…An The University of Texas at Austin
Nursing will always be more than a job or a career for me. As a young girl I encount…MikaylaUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore
While being in high school, I was offered the opportunity to volunteer at the Childr…HaleyPortsmouth Christian School
Despite the hardship of being a new immigrant to the States, I knew that I want to b…Thea MarieUniversity of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
What inspired me to pursue a nursing degree is my love for uplifting people while ai…HollyChamberlain College of Nursing
A nursing career would allow me to continue my family’s lifestyle of servitude. My h…NuengruthaiUniversity of Houston Sugarland
We saw the accident as it was happening. A motorcyclist crashed on the highway right…ChaseUniversity of Maryland-School of Nursing
I have been working as a Nurse Assistant for seven years. At first, I went into the …GladHouston Community College
There was a period of my life, when I was a mere 2-and-a-half years old, where I wou…MadisonEastern Kentucky University
"She’s an angel!" My cousin James stated as he smiled at an attractive nurse…JestinaUniversity of Maryland School of Nursing
For the major part of my life I have always been interested in pursuing a career in …XitlalyHayward High School
What inspired me to pursue a nursing degree? It is my family. I want to be able to f…Rachel AnnCochise College
Teaching has always been my calling. After I completed each year in grade school, wh…MeganVirginia Commonwealth University, VCU School of Nursing
As a little girl I used to attend work with my mother who is an LPN that works in ho…Kristina Pennsylvania state university
When I graduated high school in 2012 I, like most of my peers (and possibly the majo…JeremyThe Pennsylvania State University
The root of my desire to become a nurse first began as a young child. My older broth…GwendolynPennsylvania State University
My mother jokes that I knew that I was going to be a nurse from the moment I got my …AlexisPennsylvania State University
What comes to mind when you hear the word “nurse”? For some it’s healthcare, trust, …Meghan Penn State University
Shortly after moving to the United States, my mother became pregnant with me. For 11…AmandaUniversity of Maryland Baltimore
Not a single battle in history has been won by a sole person—wars are won by armies.…ColleenPennsylvania State University
I've face many hardships in life. Don't get me wrong, I have a wonderful lif…KylieStark State College
One of the biggest factors in my life that inspired me to pursue a nursing career wa…EdwinaPenn State
Originally being listless in my career direction and how I wanted to start out, I th…BriceChamberlain University
I remember when I was young I would receive presents for every birthday and holiday …CeliaThe Pennsylvania State University
My first year through nursing school, I asked myself, “What am I doing here? Why do …jenniferSan Jose State University
Growing up with both my parents as nurses absolutely brought the idea of nursing int…Jordan The Pennsylvania State University
Dear Scholarship Committee,
It all started on a beautiful morning in a month of t…
SandraHoward Community College
Growing up, we spend our childhood admiring superheroes. From batman to superman, we…Arli College of Nursing at Pennsylvania State University
I hold the belief that the world would be a great deal more joyful if every individu…KelseyPennsylvania State University
I have chosen a career in Nursing because I believe this is the direction that I wou…AlyssaWilliam Amos Hough High School
Growing up I have always had a passion for helping people. Starting as a child in sc…EricaPennsylvania State University
Since I was a kid I've enjoyed helping people, it was always a passion of mine. …NicoleRasmussen
I decided to pursue a career in nursing when I was 16 years old and volunteering at …HelenSan Jose State University
I often became sick as a child, usually during my elementary to middle school years.…KimUniversity of Maryland School of Nursing
Throughout my undergraduate years I knew I was interested in the medical field but h…DanielleUniversity of Maryland Baltimore
Walking through the halls of elementary school, I was a foreigner, unable to underst…VivianThe University of Texas at Austin
My older brother chose a career path in Arts, as a writer and motivational speaker, …PriscaMississippi University For Women
I never new more about nursing coming from Africa, I didn't know what to do in t…RosemaryStanbridge University
Along the course of my life, many things have inspired me to pursue a nursing degree…BreannaNicholls State University
My most vivid medical memories is waking up with an abdominal pain in an unfamiliar …CarlyUniversity of Texas at Austin
Leaving the hospital with my newborn twins in 2016 made me realize what my dream job…AnjelicaFront Range Community College
Nursing is one of the most trusted professions in the United States. Nurses are som…AndrewSan Jose State University
Over the course of 26 years, I worked as a medical assistant in several different sp…LisaUniversity of Maryland School of Nursing
My mom is a nurse and she tells me that I would love to do it! It is so fun and exci…Hunterlong county high school
Mometrix Scholarship
One of my biggest interest and goal is to become a register …
AlexisLos Medanos College
Choosing nursing for me wasn’t instinctive - in fact, it was anything like what I ha…SanayaCSU East Bay
Imagine constant trips to the hospital, losing control of your body, feeling hopeles…LeaFlorida International University
Throughout high school, I would devote several hours of my time to research differen…NefertitiLa Quinta High
After countless doctor visits, detrimental tests run, and compassionate nurses at my…KaylynRobert E. Smith School of Nursing-Delta State
Job shadowing influenced my decision to pursue nursing. When I was younger, I was …JerrickaNicholls State University
My professional goal is to serve my country in the US Public Health Service as a hea…CaraVirginia Commonwealth University
Nurses, the hardworking, the persevering, and the caring. There are many words that …Riona La Sierra University
Over the past two years, since obtaining my first degree, I had thought about nursin…JulianneEast Tennessee State University
Throughout my entire childhood, I always wanted to become a veterinarian. I loved an…VictoriaUniversity of Lynchburg
When the world around you is so full of vice, so full of hatred, intolerance, injust…PeterAnna Maria College
To me being a nurse is so much more than the cute scrubs and getting to wear a steth…JuliaPenn State University
“Mr. McClure, it’s time to get you changed and your next dose of morphine.” The home…MorganDelta State University
Nursing is a highly regarded and competitive career that challenges and shapes peopl…MakenzieBloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Why choose nursing as a career path?
I have chosen nursing as my career path bec…
MarissaLouisiana technical college in Shreveport
The nurse anesthetist pointed to a metal tin -- where the head of the femur had been…SarahUniversity of Texas at Austin
I have wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember. I grew up listening to my…SaraRock Valley College
Throughout the years I have had the chance to volunteer in various poverty-stricken …ZainaHouston Community College
Ever since high school, I’ve always dreamed of being a part of the medical field and…OsmanUniversity of Maryland School of Nursing (UMSON)
My inspiration for pursuing a nursing career comes from my children. I was a t…Sondra Carl Albert Sallisaw, OK
Three years ago, my father was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. After the removal o…AndrewCalifornia State University, East Bay
With my cultural uprising and community experience, I felt compelled to pursue a nur…BonnieCalifornia State University, East Bay
Nursing, when you hear the word nursing you might think of it as a job. To me, nursi…ItzelCoastline Community College
Ever since I was in middle school, I've always thought that the medical fie…JenniferUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa
Applying to colleges and deciding a career path is one of the most crucial life deci…DinaTouro College
I was told throughout high school by parents of my swimmers I taught that I should t…Darien The Pennsylvania State University- University Park
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” This quote by Gandhi is one that I liv…BrianneVirginia Commonwealth University
My name is Sachi Timmons. I am an Army veteran, first generation college student, in…SachiCalifornia State University East Bay
My interest in the medical field began at a very early age so, when I enlisted in th…ChristinaValencia College
Being an exceptional graduate student in the AE-MSN LeaDS track, I believe that I me…VickieUniversity of Texas at Austin
Throughout my educational career I have been blessed with having some of the most in…JessicaOregon Health & Science University
I've worked in nursing on the veterinary side for over ten years and seen so muc…CaseyUniversity of Houston College of Nursing
How many times over the years have you been asked by parents and teachers, “what do …LindseyPennsylvania State University
My Grandma cried. My Cousin jumped for joy. My Aunt smiled and hugged me with excit…SpencerGreen Valley High School
In my opinion, nursing is the most rewarding and honorable profession in which I wil…Ginger Kennett High School
Growing up, I always looked up to my grandma, a retired nurse, and my grandpa, an MD…Megan East Carolina University
Throughout my schooling, life has taken me on quite the journey. High school was a s…BruceRutger's University
For a long as I can remember, the medical field has always been an interest of mine.…AllisonBellarmine University
“Yeah, I know Sarah. She always has a kind heart, she's caring and willing to go…Sarah Monroe College
I never used to envision myself in the medical field. I guess you never really know …ElizabethThomas Jefferson University
What does it mean to be a nurse? A nurse symbolizes compassion in the face of frustr…Taylor University of Houston
You know I’ve got to tell you; my parents are my inspiration. They motivate me, they…ConfidenceHouston Community College
What inspired me to pursue a nursing degree? I wouldn't say there was a 'wha…SkylarMississippi Delta Community College
Sometimes, life throws things at us, and throughout our journeys or experiences, it …Thecle Pashibelle Houston Community College

On December 1st, 2017, I had a miscarriage that shook my world. I lost a beautif…
AdaezeUniversity of Texas Health Sciences Center- Houston
When I was a little kid I've always wanted to work in the science field. Science…ColleenBuena High School
Nursing has been a part of my life since before I knew it was a part of me. My great…TarissaCommunity College of Allegheny County-South
I grew up in a crowded home. There was me, my parents, and my six siblings. Needless…MorganRaritan Valley Community College
What inspired me to get my BSN was my brother. My brother passed away from SIDs when…Samanthaherzing university
My mom was a huge inspiration to me which is why I chose to pursue a nursing degree.…MargaretNew Kent High School
Nineteen years ago, I witnessed my father suffer a heart attack. He progressed into …Melissa San Jose State University
When I started high school I took health science classes as an easy elective with my…ErinMt. Juliet High School
I didn't always know I wanted to be a nurse. I went through phases in high schoo…DevinPennsylvania State University
I have always wanted to be in the nursing field but was never sure what I wanted to …SommerMt Juliet High School
It would be a great story to say that I have always wanted to be a nurse. I did not …Avery Appomattox Count High School/Central Virginia Community College
Why do I want to become a nurse? My mother and grandmother are both nurses, so I tho…AmeliaRutgers University--Camden
I was waiting tables and bartending at a restaurant five nights nights a week and th…EvanState College of Florida
At 12 years old, the most intimidating thing to me was a six-page packet of words th…SydnieVirginia Commonwealth University
Many have asked whya I chose nursing to be my future career. It started back in 2010…AdonahCommunity College of Allegheny County: Boyce Campus
From about the age of three, I have had an interest in the medical field. I would wa…BriannaBig Sandy Community & Technical College
My younger brother was born at 24 weeks. As a young girl, going to the hospital seem…GraceBellarmine University
I was inspired to obtain my degree in nursing because I want to be able to give back…carlyUniversity of Kentucky
I have always enjoyed helping people. Ever since I was a little girl I have always …Jennifer Rio Salado College
What inspired me to be a nurse was the extraordinary nurses I met in the PICU of Chi…LaurenUniversity of Alabama
In my past life experiences which I considered the lowest point and felt most helpl…SharonBECK CCSI LPN school
I suppose most people choose their career path some time around high school. For ma…Jessika Long Beach City College
While living in Korea, I was frequently ill and had to stay at the children’s hospit…jungyeonUniversity of Hawaii Maui College
I was inspired to pursue a degree in nursing when my cousin, Christina was devastati…AntoinetteWalden University
Today I have an opportunity to change someone’s life. I am a Venezuelan woman who be…CatherineNorth Carolina Central University
My name is Aaron Boykin and I am a current nursing student at Resurrection Universit…AaronResurrection University
When I was 10 years old I was in a car accident that significantly impacted my life.…Corena chamberlain college of nursing
Be the best version of myself. That has always been my motto in life. At the…JianzelNew York University
My passion is helping people, especially those who are in need. I am currently an ac…EmilyUniversity of Rochester
There are approximately 29 million nurses in the world and I would like to be one of…MicalaEastern High School
Becoming a nurse is a big career change for me. My first bachelor’s degree was in ch…Stephanie University of Houston College of Nursing
I always knew I had a passion for helping others. However, I was always at a loss of…ShannonBaton Rouge Community College
The Journey to becoming a nurse has been a very difficult journey. I have spent cou…Amie Lynchburg College
Throughout my 4 years of high school, I have completed over 80 hours of community se…MatthewGonzales High School
What inspired me to pursue a nursing degree? The first reason I decided to pursue a …JessicaHerzing University Akron
After graduation I decided that the passion I had to help others did not go away. I …MyeshaHenry Ford College
My passion for becoming a registered nurse began while working as a certified nursin…SophieSamuel Merritt University
My name is Madelynn Martinez and as you know, I’m applying to this Mometrix Nursing …MadelynnUniversity of Alaska Anchorage
When I entered my freshman year in college I started to go thru the motions of worki…JacobUniversity of South Carolina - Upstate
I have always been surrounded by family members that inspired me to pursue a career …GladysAustin Community College
I did not know exactly what I wanted to do with my career path with children until I…SashaGeneva College
I knew that I wanted to be a nurse. I wanted to be able to give back to my community…AudrieNightingale College
Growing up I always said I wanted to to be a doctor, lawyer, or just about anything …noah BGSU
The most profoundly inspiring acts are not those of a singular heroic moment but tho…ClaireTarrant County College
I was only 11 years old when my dad had his first encounter with the big S. My dad h…Brianna Francis Marion University
I have always pictured myself helping others, making a difference in someone else…FabianaBroward College
My name is Cadee Carter. I am a 42 year old single mother of two wonderful young men…CadeeHelena College
A life changing event stormed right into my life on May 6, 2018 that would forever a…JaninSoutheastern Louisiana University
"Multiple years of funding cuts contributed to more than 55,000 lost jobs at loc…DAndraValencia College
I am inspired to further my education by my admiration for a surgeon whom I work for…LucindaUniversity of Central Florida
I wasn't always sure what I wanted to do with my life. My family before me had a…HayleyRasmussen College, Mankato
I received my first degree at Pennsylvania State University, obtaining a Bachelors o…SophiaDrexel University
Toothy smiles paired with wide, spirited eyes. The African sun blanketed the school …EmmeQuinnipiac University
Ever since I was young I have dreamed of being a nurse. My personality traits thro…Tamar William Patterson University

You know what, I am scared but I am going to do it anyway. That is my motto …
AmberConcordia University Chicago
There is no field as interesting to me as nursing. For me, being a nurse is more tha…ADJOOhio University
Nursing was my passion because of the money that I knew I would be getting in the lo…LaDejah St. Joseph's College
I chose nursing as a profession because I want to help others in a meaningful way. O…ClaireUniversity of Texas at Austin
While there are so many parts to my story, my main inspiration for pursing my degree…AlyUniversity South Carolina Beaufort
I knew from a very young age that I wanted to work in the medical field and now…Susanna Platt College of Nursing
Despite growing up with two nurses in the house — both my mother and my older sister…NatalieAustin Community College
When I was little I wanted to be a ballerina, then a teacher, then in High School I …DaisyConcordia University Texas
When someone is determining what their calling in life is and they must ask themselv…CharlesValley Springs High School
In a healthcare profession, I will be able to meet and interact with people of varyi…LondonKnight High School
My desire to become a nurse was and still is inspired by a variety of events and new…BrittanySan Jose State University
I grew up on Ecuador a third work country where healthcare is a luxury. When I was e…SaraSalt Lake Community College
I always knew that I wanted to be a nurse, but it was not until my Nan became sick t…JillianRowan College a Burlington County
Mometrix Nursing Scholarship
Mariah McVicker
Most of …
MariahWest Holmes High School
What has inspired me to pursue a nursing degree is coming from a ruel, small town nu…TaraArkansas State University
I sometimes have flashbacks from a ceremony when I was a young child. Flashbacks whe…DionteCentral High
I seek out difficult challenges. It is a habit. I take them on in DIYs, politics, sp…AlisiaHoly Family University
Ever since I can remember, I have always been interested and excited about a career …ElanOakwood University
I am excited to be able to share my story with those of you reading this. Most stude…MarissaGov John R Rogers High School
All of my life my grandma has been someone who I look up to. She had an entire famil…BrittneyGeorgia State University
When I was 16 years old, I was in a car accident on my way to school. Being in the h…SaraRasmussen College - Bloomington
"Forever Inspired,
Your Daughter"
What inspired me to pursue a degree…
KyaWilliam T Dwyer
It is my goal to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner and here is why:
MonserratUniversity High School
I am Ra’Mya Lenoir I am attending Prairie View A&M in the fall. I inspire to be …RaMyaLees summit north
Nursing is my passion. I love caring for people and helping people. I want to save l…Jessica Ivy tech community college
Growing up, I never knew exactly what I wanted to do. My mind would always wander in…RachaelWidener University School of Nursing
My name is Oo Meh. I am an undergraduate student majoring in nursing at Wester…OoWestern Kentucky University
What inspired me to pursue my Nursing degree? Nursing is something I’ve always wante…JazminMartha Layne Collins High School
Nursing is a broad field that can bring many opportunities within and outside the im…RaeonnaGeorgia State University
I truly believe things happen for a reason. At the age of 18, I graduated high scho…StaceyEast Carolina University
I chose to nursing for many reasons. One is the bond we as nurses can create with ou…AngelMissouri Western State University