Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before I entered college you could say I was a smart cookie, I passed all my classes and got good grades. A lot of people would ask me what my method was, thinking I would say studying, but it wasn’t. Matter of fact I never studied no matter how big the test was or how intense the class was, I just skimmed through the material and improvised. This was the mindset I had when I entered college, I never studied, and because of that my GPA dropped, and I was in a deep hole that I had to get out of because my academic career was at risk.

When the second semester came around I decided that I would start studying, but it was difficult for me because I have never done it before. I got easily distracted, I couldn't remember what I studied, or what I should study. Eventually, I started getting used to it because I found what was best for me and this can help anyone as well.

So first, know when you test and mark it on a calendar, sometimes people tend to forget that they have an exam and next thing you know you're cramming everything with only 3 days left to test. Next, prepare study times this is helpful because sometimes you will have multiple tests and projects coming up and you will have to equally study for them also this will prevent you from over studying which will cause you to forget what you studied. After that, block out distractions, the first way to do that is to find an area that can keep you focused on your work whether it's in the library, your room, or dining hall. Some people like loud places and some people like quiet places, but whatever it is, make sure it won't take you off task. Next, turn off your phone, social media, and online shopping can take up hours of your study time, trust me I know. Lastly, prepare your materials, you can do this by reviewing your study guide, and ranking each topic from what you know to what you don't know. Another thing you can do is make note cards or quizlets, whenever you're not doing something productive you can grab them and start reviewing and also ask your professor questions on things you don't understand on the study guide. Lastly STUDY. It's easy to say you're going to study and not do it, but it's easier to fail a test when you don't know the material, so actually study, and I promise you'll pass. My GPA has skyrocketed since then because I followed these steps hopefully it can help you too!!!

jessica from Indiana
College Freshman
Ball State University