Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for a test, a test taker must always be organized. Who has ever heard of a straight-A student that doesn’t organize and prioritize their notes and material? The answer is very few people. I have tried to be this person, and it didn't really work for me. Trying to memorize everything without having something to look back at or study written in your own words is hard. Let's talk about that written in your own words part for a sec. Sometimes, if a student is having a hard time understanding the curriculum, taking notes not only helps them remember, but it can help the student understand the content in their own words. With enough practice, taking notes in class can simplify and better explain the content for the student when they’re studying than it did in class. (so long as they are good notes). Good notes are hard work. They require a lot of focus and speed. The point of notes is not to transcribe word for word what the teacher is saying, it's to simplify the content the teacher is teaching. Having a simplified, straight forward, and organized set of notes in my own words, allows me to better understand what was taught, class. These notes can also help me do further research. Before the next class, I like to refresh myself on what we learned previously so that I can be ready to move on to the next subject. Another important thing to do is correct homework and tests. If I get some answers wrong, I go back and try to solve them. And if I can't, then I reach out to the teacher/professor. I take notes on my computer, which for most people typing is a lot faster than writing. There is nothing worse than getting behind the teacher when they’re speaking and being able to focus on them and the notes. I just stay calm, listen, and write down the most important points I hear. And in the end, I have a collection of notes I can study from before the big test.

James from Colorado
College Freshman
university colorado denver