Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I know I have a test coming up, I take extra measurements to make sure I am prepared for it. I work hard to not procrastinate, which will only hurt me in the end. A couple days beforehand, I break down each concept so it does not look overwhelming at first. I approach each subject differently when studying. When it comes to memorization, looking and saying it over multiple times works the best. I do this by using flashcards and websites that make matching games on the information. When I have lots of notes I have taken in class, I like to rewrite those notes and then highlight key information. I plan studying time and create a peaceful environment where I can focus the most. I make sure to study for at least 45 minutes, then take a 10 minute break, and go back to studying. It is important to take mental breaks, so your attention can stay strong throughout studying time. Also, I like using visual aids, such as graphs so I can visually absorb the information and can picture it in my head while taking the test. It is important to eat well and get good sleep, so your mind does not blank in the middle of the test. I like to do practice problems, redo hw, read textbooks, and watch teaching videos online. It is very important to not engage in negative thoughts or conversations. This will set you up with the wrong mindset prior to taking the test, leading to unlikely results. Lastly, it is important to study the material you feel like will not be on the test. Often, questions will be on the test that you thought were not going to be on there. So, you should be prepared for any question before taking a test. My last tip is forming a responsible study group. Different students may have different input and tips that could ultimately set you up for success.

Halle from Tennessee
High School Senior
Collierville High School