Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a college student exams can be pretty tough without studying. To prepare for any exam I first find out the following details ahead of time. I find out what material the test will cover, what type of test it will be (multiple-choice, true-false, short answer, essay), how the test will be graded, and how much the test will count toward the final grade. I study in a place that is free of distractions. I have ready all the things I will need, such as paper, pens, or a calculator. I study at a time when I am alert and not hungry or sleepy. I do not wait until the last minute to study! Short daily study sessions about 30 minutes to an hour are better than one long session the night before my test. Repetition is key! I read and reread my class notes and the relevant chapters in the textbook. While reviewing my notes, I cover them up periodically and summarize them out loud. Pretend that I am explaining the material to someone else. I also often create my own study aids such as making an outline from my notes of just the main ideas, a timeline of important dates, or the order of events, flashcards for studying vocabulary or events, and important dates, and lastly make my own test which helps my test-taking skills or get my peers to test me. I do any practice exams or study sheets provided by my professor. These will help me focus my study session and give me confidence. If I do not understand the criteria I get help from the my professor or peers who do understand. I always use these test preparations to ace any exam.

TyAjia from South Carolina
College Freshman
South Carolina State University