Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test strategies are not limited to a single way of studying, but rather the emphasis I place on time management and discipline. Within a week of a test, I start off by rewriting my notes, color coding if needed, and drawing diagrams and pictures that help me better understand the concept. Next, I will do a brief reading of the notes to gather as much information on the lesson as I can. After I read, I will tend to make a flash cards full of questions not only on the study guide, but also from external sources and the text book. I will then take the next day or two to focus primarily on the questions that I have formulated. Lastly, after I show an understanding of the questions and my notes, I will do a final reading of my textbook to fill any of the gaps I might have unknowingly missed. These methods work for me because, like most students, I tend to get overwhelmed as exam dates approach. Allowing my brain to comprehend topics and concepts without a time constraint is a huge benefit which will allow one to fully understand their lessons and overall make great grades on each and everyone of their assignments.

Kameron from Georgia
College Freshman
Kennesaw State University