Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I make sure that I start studying from five days to two weeks before the exam date, so I can make sure I do not cram. I start with rereading the chapters the test will be covering and making notes on the important points in the chapter. I review the material. When I get done reviewing the material, I have a family member or friend quiz me. I do this so that I can make sure I study what I do not know. I study in forty-five-minute sessions with a fifteen-minute break in between. I make sure that I am studying in chunks, so all the information does not overwhelm me. If I am reviewing the information and I do not understand something, I will contact the professor by email with the question and if that does not get an answer, I will ask the professor before the class begins. I will take an old exam for practice if it is provided by the professor. After reviewing and finding out what I do not know well or at all, I will create a study guide with those things on them. I also create a power point if it is something that can only be learned visually, such as all the bones and muscle names for the first Anatomy and Physiology class. I do not move on from what I do not know until I know it well enough to explain it one hundred percent to someone else who knows nothing about the subject. I make sure as soon as I do not understand something in class, my hand goes up and asks a question. I also attend review sessions that are scheduled before the exam to review the material either a first time or a last time, depending on when the review session is verses when the exam date is. I make sure I keep track of my syllabus for each class, so I know how much each exam will be weighed into my final grade. The night before the exam I make sure I get a good night of sleep. I never pull all-nighters to study for an exam. Pulling an all-nighter is proven to be ineffective . An hour before the exam, I make sure I am drinking water and I make sure to go to the bathroom before the exam begins.

Candace from Georgia
College Junior
Dalton State College