Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When working on a test, preparation is key. However, its not about how long you study a day that changes the results you get. It's about what you do to study and if you are consistent in your habits. In my opinion, I have great test preparation skills because instead of devoting hours to studying, I work on creating a daily pattern. I start at 30 minutes a day analyzing my notes and picking out the most important bits and putting them into flash cards. Then, I use the flash cards everyday periodically throughout the day when I have free time and give myself about 5-10 minutes of a study break. A couple days before the test, I quiz myself to make sure I fully understand the topics and then the following days left leading up to the test I spend refreshing my memory on potential stressful areas. Then the night before the test, I take the evening to unwind and relax relieving myself of any testing anxiety; Go to bed early if I can and make sure to eat a healthy breakfast the morning of. Before going into my test if their are any doubts left I will review my flash cards and any notes I have and then clear my head and remind myself that I will do great and that no matter the score it doesn't determine how smart I am, just how much more room I have left to grow.

Jasmine from Arizona
High School Senior
San Tan Foothills